Natural Home Remedies for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis, better known as the jogger’s heel is a common problem with the joggers, whereby there is a sharp pain in the heels. The pain often occurs in the sole of the foot of people who do not jog as well. Nowadays, due to lifestyle changes and non ergonomic working environments, this illness is pretty common.

How do I know if I have Plantar Fasciitis?

If you are experiencing persistent pain at the bottom of your heel, or if you feel like those first few steps in the morning have become more painful, then it is Plantar Fasciitis you are experiencing. According to Palo Alto Medical Association, more than half of Americans go through this problem at least once in their lives.

This problem is common in both men and women and usually occurs to hikers or runners. However, it most commonly affects men who are active and ranging between 40 to 70 years of age. Pain in the heel, in the foot arch or experiencing difficulty in standing/walking are the common symptoms. Also, some report experiencing stiffness in the heels after a long period of inactivity.

The symptoms often are the worst in the morning. In most cases the pain is usually seen occurring in one foot, but it can happen in both feet.


How to get rid of Plantar Fasciitis?

There are various pain killers that are available for this condition. It acts as a good remedy for a short term by curbing the pain, but over the long course, there are many side effects associated with its use. Fortunately, we have many herbal remedies which can get to the core of the problem and solve it from inside out. Nowadays there are many evidences which prove that herbal remedies can cure the symptoms too. You can try any number of them – they have zero side effects and will only improve your health in the long run and might even prevent it from occurring in the future.

Stretching Exercise: There is literally nothing that provides such a speedy recovery as this one. You can combine this treatment with others as well. This exercise will not only reduce the pain but will also reduce the inflammation of that part of your heels and calves, so that you can regain your pain free mobility.

It is also really simple – before you get out of bed every morning, stretch your calves, toes, muscles of lower leg and feet. Then get up and sit on your bed. While you are sitting, hold on to that flexed feet of yours and gently pull it towards you. Do this for just 30 seconds and release. Repeat it one or two times. This way your early morning pain will be minimized.

Now get up and stand in front of a wall with your (unaffected) leg bent forward at the knee slightly, and keep the painful feet behind. Now slowly, press your hips forward keeping both the heels at their places. Be gentle while doing this and make sure to stand at an arm’s length from the wall. Do this exercise for 30 seconds before releasing. Repeat it in two sets of 10 – multiple times in a week.

The next thing you can do is, bring a frozen water bottle or a golf ball, under your feet and slowly roll it with your heels applying little pressure.

Foot Massage: A foot massage is not only very relaxing, but if done over a period of time, it can really improve the pain situation. So once in a while, allow yourself the luxury. Regular massage will increase the blood flow to the plantar fascia where this condition occurs. Also, any excess tension in that region is removed easily with a foot massage.

Take some warm olive oil and use your fingers to gently massage the lower part of the foot. Do this for 10 minutes. Alternatively you can also do this with coconut or sesame oil. If you can’t massage it yourself, you can use an electric massager – it has the same effect. The pain reduces drastically after first application.

Ice application: Plantar fasciitis is caused when the tiny tissues beneath your feet get inflamed. Ice application can help reduce this inflammation. Nowadays there are many fancy packs available in stores to help keep the feet cool, but a pack of ice helps equally well.

Of course it is very difficult to first apply the cold pack on your most painful spot. This is why use the ice packs on your whole feet first. Then slowly rub it back and forth on the most painful part. If it gets painful, wait for a second and then apply again – this is because it is the best procedure for healing it completely. Do this for two minutes; then finish the entire session with another foot rub for 15 minutes.

Night splint: A night splint can prevent the soft tissues in your feet from becoming very painful in the morning. Usually during the night our feet tissues get tighter, and this is why the morning is usually the most painful. You can prevent this by using a night splinter. It might be uncomfortable but if you continue wearing it consistently for some time, you can really see the difference.

Epsom salt: Epsom salt due to its anti inflammatory properties alleviates the pain. You can use this before or after the massage session. Just dip your toe in a vessel with warm water that has 2 to 3 teaspoons of Epsom salt sprinkled on it. Stay this way for 10 to 15 minutes and do this twice a day. This helps the pain reduce to a great extent.

If you really have to move around a lot, we suggest you get some shoe inserts. This way your feet will feel comfortable. Nowadays there are various shoe inserts available. You just remove the insoles of your shoes and put these in place when you have to do heavy walking.

So if you have already been spending tons of money and yet to see any results, consider giving yourself a chance to try.

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